Saturday, February 11, 2012


After almost eight years of fighting the idea in my head that my back injuries are truly disabling, I've finally accepted it. I won't be able to work full-time again. I have to develop strategies for everything from doing the laundry to doing what I love--teaching and playing the piano. I have to learn how to manage the pain, hopefully without Neurontin. If I stay on that drug, I'm not sure I can ever lose the weight I need to drop in order to make it to age 70!

So, this will be a place where I chronicle my successes and failures in all these areas. Right now, in the middle of a major back flare-up, with the success of my 2009 surgery in question, acceptance is oddly calming to me. I know what the enemy is now. I just have to learn strategies to fight it. Since I can't find any program of fitness/exercise and diet that matches my needs, I'll have to create it myself.

This is a journey, not a dead-end. There are many reasons for me to want to live my life, and live it as well as possible, as long the Lord wants me here. Let's see what happens!

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